VoxPopuliVox Dei 2 is a pixel-art platform game, it’s the second episode of a franchise that was presented in 2009 on Kongregate (follow the link to part 1).

The adventure continues after the first episode where our hero lost his conscience after rescuing his beloved.

Dr. Wolf found them near the river, taking with him the girl and dropping the ninja inside a cave.

Now, our amazing ninja must rescue her again, facing the most difficult challenges ever trying to beat Dr.Wolf’s army and rescue his lovely one.

The adventure begins with the ninja waking up inside a cave, with no clue as to what happened to his girl. When he started his mission, a long time ago, he didn’t realize how big the problem was: the wolves had created an empire, the enemy is stronger that ever.

Through his path he discovers a new world that forces him to expand his journey and fight not just on the ground. Dr. Wolf’s army is waiting for him, the ninja must pass different challenges without hesitation, but little does he know of what awaits him next.



It took two years to get a positive answer from Steam Greelight, but at that moment the project was already death, Pablo was studying Enginnering and working in another projects so it was impossible to continue.

FedeNessi, contacted Ramiro Bazán and together they decided to re-start the project, so in June of 2014 they made the first commit that revived VoxPopuliVox Dei.

A few months later, a musician joined the team, Hernan Marandino, who made the OST and FXs of the game.

Almost one year later, in April of 2015 they released the game on Steam. You can download it from this link:

GreatCogs is an independent game studio, based in Argentina. Great Cogs was founded in 2014 by Ramiro Bazan and Fede Nessi, to develop Vox Populi Vox Dei 2, available on Steam.