Animal World is the educational game developed by Argentinean team Papumba to help children explore animal names, sounds and habitats in a fun way, while encouraging speech development and self awareness.

Watch the fascinating world of nature come to life before your child’s very eyes with Animal World, a playful and instructive app that takes advantage of your young learner’s fascination with the world of animals and the outdoors.

Your little one will explore the sounds and characteristics of more than 80 animals through an interactive experience centered around eight themes (ranging from the jungle, to the ocean, to farms) and high-quality animations. They can even test their knowledge with stress-free and fun Trivia, Memo-Test, and Match-it mini-games, too!

But the fun isn’t only for kids! The “Family Moments” feature—immersive activities that let you use your device for offscreen fun—is perfect for kids and parents alike! Follow the cues of eight adventures to engage the entire family offscreen (finding a bear’s footprints, searching for a hidden owl, and more)!

“We believe that children can learn best through play and that colorful and immersive experiences encourage kids’ imaginations” says Gonzalo Rodríguez, CEO of Papumba. “With Papumba apps, parents can share fun experiences with their children, and also have the peace of mind of knowing that the play experience is designed by quality developers and early childhood experts. Part of the reason that we love creating educational apps for children is that it is constantly motivating. The first thing we do each day is read the comments that parents have made about our apps. This, along with guidance from early childhood experts, helps us to continue improving our apps to meet the needs of parents and kids. Above all, it fills us with pride to know that thousands of children learn things about the world each day using Papumba apps!”.

You can Download it on Google Play and on iTunes/Apple.