This year, the Xbox team at Microsoft held its first activity celebrating the work of Latinos in the video game industry. This happened during the “Game Developers Conference”. With the title “Latinos in Gaming” it took place on March 15 at the Hotel Zetta in San Francisco; 60 Latinos of different game companies and media were present to give their testimonies and experiences in the world of gaming.

Directed by Diego Rejtman, Software Engineer Manager at Xbox, “the activity had the goal to recognize and celebrate our diversity as Latinos” says Heriberto. “It provided a platform to express ourselves, to know and expand relations.”

Jossie Tirado (Microsoft), Angela Mejias and Diego Rejtman (Xbox), David Torres (12 Hit Combo), Gabriel Vasco and Miguel Benavides (Mad Bricks).

Phil Spencer was present supporting the event. Some of his words: “Friendship goes beyond language, countries and companies. I insist that you have to connect and together can break the different barriers and constraints that the industry offers. “And speaking of game development in Latin America, emphasized that developers must help and nurture it to continue to grow. “The talent they have is an art, a flame and a style in a vibrant community. They have a role to play in the global market. ”

The event featured several Latin panelists, where they talked about their days in the world of video games. Sebastian Enrique, Producer of FIFA, advised developers that “whatever you do, do it with passion and love”. A lesson he learned from his parents and was fruitful in his work.



Pablo Toscano, Technical Director of Animation at Ubisoft, commented on the importance of the various teams to learn creative solutions. By working together with other cultures, knowledge is shared and thus new possibilities are discovered.

Jossie Tirado, Technical Program Manager with experience in Xbox, said “no matter the goal that you propose, never forget these words, yes you can! Sometimes the obstacles intimidate but focus on your way, do not sacrifice your dreams”.

Some participants were Kite Team (Brazil, Mexico,Spain), AOne Games (Chile), Info-Gamers (Puerto Rico), 12 Hit Combo (Colombia), among others. This activity culminated in a celebration where everyone managed to talk exchanging ideas and experiences. “From programmers to an artist, our presence is remarkable in this industry” says Heriberto. “It’s great to (have Xbox) give us these platforms where they listen to our Latin voices; either to carry a message, help or inspire.

Heriberto A. Tirado attended “Latinos In Gaming” activity, he is a gamer and a contributor to various media. You can follow him on @LegendarioDrak.

Also here is Info-Gamers video about the event.