Xplay is a new Axeso5 venture, the leading online gaming platform in Latin America, home to a vibrant community of more than 12 million gamers.

Xplay is the first distribution mobile gaming platform in Latin America. “As gamers we are constantly testing games, hundreds of them, and only selecting the best.” says Jesus Romero from Axeso5’s Digital Marketing team. “We work directly with those game’s developers to adapt them to our region and integrate them perfectly to our platform for a complete experience. We are the leading publisher of online games (MMO’s) in Latin America, in both Spanish and Portuguese. All our games are Free-to-Play and we sell Virtual Items via microtransactions through our billing network across 20 countries. We rely on the best and most seasoned team in the field of community management and virtual items transaction in the region”.


Xplay is about to launch “Song of War” an strategy game for strategic and statistical players Who like construction and online multiplayer PvP. “Players will build their empire and build their army to attack enemy strongholds located in a vast continent. This is a milestone for Xplay / Axeso5 and we hope that this game is a significant addition to our catalog of mobile games for Android” says Romero.

In June, Xplay is bringing POKE MONSTERS, a puzzle RPG, to Latam.